Studio fun

One is never too old to learn, once you have mastered something in the studio, one always seems to get a new challenge.  The studio can be great fun because one has the ability to control the light. It is a hobby to many people falls into and has no idea what they are doing.

It is not just all about buying a camera, lights and a backdrop. No, one needs to learn and the best will be with a professional who has been doing studio work for a long time. Get reading, there are lots of books on the subject, maybe in roll for a studio course as well.

The market has also grow so much today, that one will struggle to control just basic light effects, one needs more than just one or two light and soft boxes. There are different triggers, snoots, beauty dishes and grids to just name a few things. Some people will argue all they want, but one of the most important items you can’t go without, will be a light meter.

Then comes the next step in our hobby, software, what can you use. Microsoft got basic edit software out, one can use open source gimp, or pay an arm and a leg and use Photoshop since the new version is cloud base and once needs a monthly account to use it. Or get the new Lightroom 5 with all its new features, super cool and fast.

Get online and visit a website like Modelbase for models, there are ones that will shoot for free, but when you want to look like a pro and work your way up fast, get a model that you pay for with a great portfolio, they are a pleasure to work with and they know their way in a studio.

The most important point will be to not fall in the trap that it is a business, always think about it as a hobby and have fun all the way, then you will enjoy it for a very long time and and can’t wait to get up in the mornings.

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