Pro cycling

You have got the full carbon bike, the helmet and Google for a nice to have carb diet, because long hours on the bike means crabs, and with base training you will need it. And do not get scared of with better bikes, I came to realize the richer they are the more they want to impress, the less they train. When I Google for programs to see how the pro cyclist trains, there is not much around except for paying for info.

Before a big race you start base, know pro will start a season without it, it is the hardest and longest times on the bike, sure they spent 30 hours a week on a bike but that is for base and racing long tours, At least a year before the big race. Monday’s you rest…always, do not ask why it is just a cycling thing. Tuesday’s you want 5 hours with a 60 per hart tare, every 30min you do a 15min interval with a 75per hart rate, with a 100 rpm small gears. Wednesday 5 hours 60 per 100 rpm. Thursday 5 hours 60 per heart rate, with intervals every 30 min for 15 min longs 75 per 100rpm. Friday’s is a bit faster; 5 hours 110rpm with a 40 sec sprint every 35min. Saturday’s do what you want for 5 hours, 90rpm. Sunday try to do a 5 hour group ride that hard. Do that for 3 weeks and call yourself a pro, the 4 the week cut everything in half.

Remember you get fit with resting, the more you rest the better you become, and rather rest if you feel sick, they 2 or 3 days of, before you go train and get real sick and have two of bed of for 2 weeks then. But rain does not make sick, I love riding in the rain.

Tuesday’s and Wednesday’s you keep with base training, the Tuesday 180min with you intervals in between and the Wednesday 240min with intervals.

Thursday’s is the hard they, not longer than 40 minutes in the saddle with a 95 rpm. There is a lot of ways to train, I normally go to gym so I can do it indoors and keep my watt constant, every week you want to push the watt up by 15, so by, hill training 10 sets for 250 watts 3min long, next week 10 sets 265 watts 3min next week 11 sets 265 watts for 4 min, rest 5 min in between, you get the idea, play around, there is no right or wrong. Some more idea’s is to do 30/30, 30 sec at 300watt 30 sec rest 20 sets. 3 min 350 watt 3min rest 8 sets.

Friday’s is TT (time trail). Get a nice course for 45 min go flat out and every Friday try to break your time, Max heart rate with fast cadence 110.

Saturday a nice friendly relaxing group ride for 2 hours, 95 rpm.

Sunday race

Just remember we do not train distance we train time.

Do this 3 weeks rest the 4th, with this I mean cut the 4th weeks training in half and do not go racing the Sunday

Then 2 weeks before the big race, start tapering, whets that you ask? Well the it is cutting down on training, the 1st week by half so instead of training 12 hours know do 6 hours and the 2nd week only 3 hours, just go for short hard rides with a high cadence, and the day before the race go for a 30 min ride, with a sprint every 5 min to get your legs loose.

After race day rest for 3 weeks, do nothing and then start base training again.

With this you will see huge improvements in your time and you keep your cycling consistence and fun, and leave the gym, you put enough strain on your body already and with weight training gets it hard for your body to recover. Stack up with vitamins especially with base training, and drinks lots of water. Sleep rest sleep rest sleep. Try to cut down on fat.

What do eat on the bike, with base training I usually eats 6 bananas and drink 2 litters of a high energy drink, with racing I take 2 gels with me and 2 bottles of water on the bike, I also leave my heart monitor and cadence meter at home if I race, so if I race I can go flat out.

Set all your gear out the night before with race day so you will not be late, because you want to warm-up for 15min before the start, and be at the front of the bunch when the race starts. If you can invest of a descent pair of racing wheel for races, it helps. I never trained with clothes but race with them, because I was afraid for the people around me. I never left home without glasses, sun or rain.

Hopes this helps and remember, there is 2 types of cyclist, the one that have not fall yet and the one that will fall

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