Why I like the Nikon D 7000

Taste varies from person to person, but I prefer the Nikon D7000 for various reasons and a full frame camera just cost too much for an amateur photographer like me.

I bought my Nikon D7000 from Orms Direct in Cape Town which they have delivered for me where I live in Gauteng, Roodepoort. I did a lot of reading before I bought it, a lot of people complaint on the internet about it and say buy Canon, and others were very happy with this camera.

One of my reasons will be the dual card slots it has; it comes in very handy if you do wedding shoots and want do you use as a over flow or just a backup for the main reasons that one of your SD cards will become corrupt. With 2 16gig cards in it, I reckon you will not have to take them out of your camera at all for an average shoot in RAW.

For the price, you won’t get a camera that has this image quality; the photo’s is very sharp and by itself, it is a very fast camera. It has 16 megapixels, which is more than enough since one rarely blow up photos so big. Its auto focus is very fast and works wonders when one are shooting wildlife, especially birds.

It come with a video function, which to date is one of Nikon best cameras that’s come with video.

It is very nice size camera that does not weigh too much. It is solid and loaded with a lot of specs which I reckon most people will not even use. It comes with a good viewfinder. It also has live view, but I do not use it at all, expect in video mode.

It comes with a DX digital and has DX noise performance which work wonder for pushing up your iso. It has a function were you can set the camera up to do HDR photography.

Be trigger happy and let the shutter of your camera, take our breath away!

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