Photography 101

To get started on my 1st blog, I reckon it will be good to introduce a short guide to photography 101.

In future I will look more into in depth training, but at the moment I feel the need to get into this short guide. Everyone always ask which camera must they buy, well it is up to you, but I would say a good start it to stick between Nikon and Canon. What I do recommend, is to stay away from the kit lenses, spend a little more money and buy at least one proper lens for the camera.

Lenses differ a lot and it also depends what one wants to photograph, but a good lens to start off would be a 24-120mm lens and buy a filter with the lens. Fast, sharp and will not cost an arm and a leg.  Next I would say to get a good quality memory card; the Lexar 16GB Pro SD 400x Memory Card is good, buy at least 2 to 3 since they tend to brake a lot.  I also like and say buy spare battery in keep it in your bag, you would not like to miss the winning photo. Buy from a exactable shop, I recommend, they may ask a little more than other shops, buy they do door to door delivery the next they, they give great kits and they have Nikon and Canon warrantees.

Get a good editing program, Gimp is for free and has lots of things under the belt, but I also say to shoot with the right settings from the start and do very little edit work and save time. One plus point living in South Africa, Gauteng is that we have great weather to take good photo’s, we can get them nice and sharp.

No for the serious stuff, always shoot in RAW, you will hear lot of different opinions on this matter, but RAW is a bigger file format and safer since one can do better edit work, you get much better photo quality; you can do better printing, and please shoot only in Manuel mode, you will be able to control your camera better.

I am also aware that there is a lot of training out there, but the best training I will give is to go out there and take as much photos as you can, then join Flickr and post you picture there and ask the people what you do wrong and how would they say you can better the photos, but I do not say that training s bad, if you want to spend money on it, go for it, you will learn a lot.

Do not be afraid to play around with the settings and boost the iso sometimes, the cameras today have noise reduction that helps to get the picture quality sharper, and the last advice I can give is so keep the eyes sharp, since it is the 1st place were one tend to look when seeing a photo.

Be trigger happy and let the shutter of your camera, take our breath away!

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