Linux as my first choice

For the last couple of years I have become a supporter of Linux and there are a number of reasons why.  I made Linux Mint Debian my choice for operating system. This is a rolling release which means I do not have to upgrade every time a new version comes out.  It comes out with most of the software I use and it is also very user friendly.

Linux is virus free which mean you do not have to install any anti-virus software for it. Linux is stable, which means it does not just break and gives you error messages especially the Debian version, they are not too much concern about new software but rather focus their support on been stable. Linux is open source so it is for free. This means it is legal to download any Linux version from the internet and burn it to a DVD. You may also copy the DVD and give it to a friend for free.

Since I am a photographer you would ask me then, what about Photoshop? Linux comes out with Gimp. That works great it you learn to you it and it does not cost an arm and a leg like Photoshop. Linux is all about commands lines which in terms mean it does everything faster and can speed up work time. Once you have mastered the command line, you would think how you could have work without it, it is bliss to work with. Big companies used Linus as there server pc’s since it is cost effective, safe money, and reliable.  It is also faster than windows and there is lots of online help if you get stuck and do not know what to do.

As many become a problem in today world, I get the feeling more people will tend to move towards open source system to operate their personal computers as well as works one.  Linux comes with lots of bells and whistles that attracts more normal home based users that was in the past to scared to use Linux since it was very user friendly, but over the last couple of years, I would say since Ubuntu came onto the market, things started to change, very fast. They are looking to make a big name in the market with bringing out Ubuntu laptops, Ubuntu televisions, Ubuntu tablets, and their new member the Ubuntu cell phone which I reckon will be a big hit. All the units is compatible with the other.

Linux also comes with office packages, it used to be Open office, but some usage came in and Linux decide to move away from it and go develop something on their own and they came up with Libreoffice.  LLibreoffice is fun to use and if you are used to Microsoft Windows, Libreoffice will be a breeze.  It also have a built in package manager, which means you do not have to search the internet to find the program you want, you do a quick search in it and once you see the program you want, you just hit the install button.

The most used distro’s tries to come up with news releases every 6 months, and every 3 to 5 years they have a long term release that have updates for at least 5 years since release. Debian is a rolling release as I said before so when new version comes out, you will just be able to install the updates without installing the new system from scratch. My old time favourite is Slackaware, it is for the real hard core Linux users and is hard to learn, but once you have master it, there is nothing that will hold you back. Slackware does not set release dates, they feel when they’re ready to release the new version, they will, that can take anything from 8 months to 2 years. But be sure, if it comes out, it will be stable and fast. I now at one time the Slackware download server was running straight for 4 years without been switch off. It could be longer now, but I do not now.

I have also said Windows will fade out one day, it is taking longer than I have thought, but I still believe Linux will hit the market one day hard, and change everything, why pay for something, when an open source can do the same thing and better.

Someone once said, windows is like a game boy, you buy the game and play for a couple of days, when you are done, you get bored and take the game back for a new one. One you buy a Linux game boy, you play a couple of days, get bored, then you open it up and change it the way you want, play one again, get bored, open it up and change it again and play to you get bored, it goes on and on. Linux will not hold you back. With Linux you can choose if you want to update or not, and you are also able to choose which updates you want to install for safety reasons.

Linux is also more focus these days on gaming, and they do it through steam. You can it Google and get much information to see what it is all about. I myself have not yet tried it out, but the YouTube reviews I saw look very good and the people did not have much trouble with it.

Linux has come up with the new Rasberry pi project, for students in Africa does not have money for big computers, they are very small and does not cost that much, they use them to teach them to program and how to use the basic functions of a computer. I bought one myself, there is also at time of writing this blog, been many Rasberry Pi hacks, with a quick Goolge search one can find quite a lot of them on the internet.

Below I will list a couple of websites of distro’s I recommend one can have a look at and also of some information on Linux and some Free Linux documentation. I also provide to websites were you will be able to do training into Linux for a career in it.  If you really have trouble to get one and are not sure to use one, you are more to welcome to contact me and I can get hold of a version you want and try to help you install it and get you use to it if it is possible at the time.

With this blog I hope have been able to give you an open mind into the world of Linux and why I like it so much. For the hard and Mac users out there, you are able to install them side by side with Linux.

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